March 16, 2022
March 16, 2022

Pole Bootcamp

1. Dance on Spin

Level: All Levels
Duration: 90 Mins

Learn how to create beautiful lines and shapes on the pole. In this workshop we will go through various spinning pole techniques.

We will explore tools on how to enhance your quality of movement and look beautiful as you perform your tricks on the pole. This workshop is not just about tricks, its about how to perform your tricks.

Get the short-cuts to creating jaw-dropping combos that make you own that spin pole!

2. Creating your Flow

Level: All Levels
Duration: 90 Min

Many of us get stuck and in a knot on the pole. We will explore different techniques on keeping movement on the pole continuous, with no interruptions. Up the pole, around the pole, changing directions.

Learn how to be fluid with your transitions, learn how to make seamless hand changes and how to create space for your body to move swiftly.

3. Theatrics

Level: All Levels
Duration: 90 Mins / 1 Day / 1 week

Learn performance secrets, showing you how to own your movement and capture your audience on stage:

• Accenting movement with your hands

• Hair flicks

• Order of movement

• Facial Expression

• Speed, Musicality and Emotion

• Eye contact

• Audience Interaction

• Fluidity and flow

3. Splits + Hips

Level: All Levels
Duration: 90 Mins / 1 Day / 1 week

Learn how to make splits a more comfortable journey. Get your splits in the fastest, most effective and safe manner possible. We will work on hip openers, hamstring stretching and alignment. You will learn how to increase your range of motion using different techniques for hip mobility. Hip mobility is especially important for pole dancers and allows you to achieve more beautiful internal and external rotations -making your leg hangs look better and hooks on the pole more firm. We will learn injury prevention, essential alignment and how to avoid over stretching to get 100% of your flexibility session.

4. Journey to needle

Level: INT/ADV
Duration: 90–120 Mins

Your back and legs are connected. Understand the relationship between your back and legs. In this session you will learn effective and safe techniques on how to open up your back/chest and hips. We will work on strengthening your back, learn how to use your full back when stretching. Opening up the shoulders/chest/mid and lower back. If you suffer from lower back pain when stretching, this workshop is for you.

We will also learn how to release our back to create space for our hips to open up. We will learn many hacks and tips for achieving the perfect needle.

Learn how to protect your body throughout your needle journey!

5. Shoulders 101

Level: All Levels
Duration: 60 Mins

Shoulder injuries are the most common in our industry. In this workshop you will learn exercises for injury prevention, building strength and flexibility for your shoulders. How to protect your shoulders and get into those dream moves!

6. Move On'e

Level: All Levels
Duration: 1 Week/Weekend intensive/1 day

Like nothing you have ever done before, new and unique.

A program incorporating dance on the pole, designed to embark you on a self-discovery. Move on’e is about movement exploration, building trust, connection, support and expression. Highly recommended for building a strong unity in your community.

Class details

Six different pole and flexibility workshops to choose from with Mint, the founder of PFE!

Schedule :
March 2019
6 Workshops
None, all levels welcome!
Shorts and sports top
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